5 Magical Ways To Be Your Kid’s Best Friend!

Now, we all have heard the phrase of becoming your kid’s best friend. Everybody tells you its importance. But no one tells you how to be one. Well, not to worry anymore, because we are here just for that. We understand how crucial it is to be involved with your kid’s life. So, we have pointed out few ideal ways for you to enhance your relationship with your kid that might help you become his or her best friend in the process. So, let’s get to know them.

Share More, Question Less

We see a lot of parents enquiring about their child’s day in school – about their friends, studies, homework, among others. But sometimes, instead of just interrogating them about their life, reveal more about yourself.

This may include talking about your friends, your childhood, your hobbies or even your work (in as simple manner as you can). This will make it more like a dialogue instead of an interrogation.

Respect Their Space

As parents, we always feel the necessity to watch over our kids 24*7. And although it is extremely important in today’s vicious unsafe world, it also goes without saying that giving them their space to breathe is important for their personal growth.

Giving them their space will also help them feel that their parents aren’t clawing down their throats always.

Maintain Quality Game Time

In an age where our entertainment mostly comes from a virtual space, be it the movies or video games, it is sad how underrated playtime has become. Not only it helps in physical and mental growth, but it also serves as great bonding platform.Whether your kid is interested in indoor or outdoor games, make sure you maintain a quality game time with them at frequent regular time intervals. Even enrolling your kid in a sports class (the one that he or she likes) can work wonders here.

Appreciate Their Efforts

Kids love the feeling of achievement. It helps them feel confident and also prepares them to be smart and adaptive in life. So, whenever your kid cooks something for you or makes the bed for you or water the plants or paints a beautiful portrait that they have learnt from their art class or does any other job, don’t forget to appreciate their efforts.

You are allowed to pick the mistakes, but be sure that your picking off the mistakes don’t overwhelm your praises for them.

Let Them Know You Love Them

One of the underlying aspects of childhood is that young people seek the approval and acceptance of those in power. For a child, it starts with his or her parents. So, never shy away from letting your child know that you love them.

This doesn’t only mean saying “I love you” to them. It can include anything from spending a relaxed time with them to treating them with their favourite dish or taking them to a place they love. However, just a warning – Saying “I love you” too much can be irritating. So, keep a tab!


A transparent relationship is a healthy relationship. And what is more transparent than friendship. So, ensuring that you build a friendship with your kid is very important. After all, he or she should feel close enough with you to not shy away from sharing his or her inner thoughts.

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